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Medics tend to a wounded comrade during action on Orote Peninsula, Guam, 1944.

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  1. Capt. Ruth L. Kinzeler (4th General Hospital)
  2. Cpl. Richard “Doc” Felix (Medical Detachment, D Company, 5th Ranger Infantry Battalion)
  3. Pfc. Eugene “Gene” J. Glazer (13th / 7th Hospital Train)
  4. 1st Lt. Eula M. Awbrey Sforza (2d Platoon, 12th Field Hospital)
  5. 1st Lt. Harlan S. Byrne (18th General Hospital)
  6. Pfc. Paul L. Genereux (2d Hospital Unit 20th Field Hospital)
  7. Tec 4 Theodore R. Willits (23d Hospital Train)
  8. Capt. Philip J. Morrison (24th Evacuation Hospital)
  9. 1st Lt. Nicholas C. D’Angelo (1st Hospital Unit, 34th Field Hospital)
  10. Tec 5 Arthur R. Mann (37th Medical Hospital Ship Platoon)
  11. Tec 5 Harold F. O’Keefe (1st Air Force Clearing Station, 39th Field Hospital)
  12. Tec 3 James K. Sunshine (3d Hospital Unit, 42d Field Hospital)
  13. Pfc. Walter S. Kucharski (45th Evacuation Hospital)
  14. Special Anecdote (45th Evacuation Hospital)
  15. Maj. Merwin J. DeKorp (46th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company)
  16. Tec 5 Anthony S. D’Angelo (C Company, 47th Armored Medical Battalion)
  17. 1st Lt. Lena R. Gelott (48th Station Hospital)
  18. 1st Lt. Frances C. Jones (50th General Hospital)
  19. Tec 5 Alfred G. Myhill (2d Hospital Unit, 53d FLD HOSP)
  20. Tec 4 Quentin C. Unruh (58th General Hospital)
  21. 1st Lt. Edna L. Haertig (59th Evacuation Hospital)
  22. 1st Lt. Helen I. Hyatt DeKorp (59th Evacuation Hospital)
  23. Tec 5 George P. McLaughlin (59th Evacuation Hospital)
  24. 1st Lt. Mary H. Jost (60th General Hospital)
  25. Tec 4 Arthur G. Christensen (73d Station Hospital)
  26. Maj. Arthur B. deGrandpré (95th Evacuation Hospital)
  27. Capt. Albert I. Davis (105th Evacuation Hospital)
  28. 1st Lt. F. Evangeline Blauvelt (136th Station Hospital)
  29. 1st Lt. Mary A. W. DeLauder (164th General Hospital)
  30. 1st Lt. Ellan J. Levitsky & 2d Lt. Dorothy F. Levitsky (164th General Hospital)
  31. Tec 5 Nathan L. Shipkowitz (164th General Hospital)
  32. Sgt. Leo O. Morabito (188th General Hospital)
  33. ARC Virginia C. Cooley (188th General Hospital)
  34. 2d Lt. Elinor Warner Bird (203d General Hospital)
  35. William Dutcher (203d General Hospital)
  36. 2d Lt. Barbara L. Gier (203d General Hospital)
  37. 1st Lt. Harriett McRay LeCours (203d General Hospital)
  38. American Red Cross Detachment (203d General Hospital)
  39. Pvt. Martin Lipschultz (204th Medical Hospital Ship Company)
  40. Lt. Colonel Thomas B. Protzman (204th Medical Hospital Ship Company)
  41. Col. Thomas B. Protzman (215th Medical Hospital Ship Company)
  42. 1st Lt. Wallace Wesley (240th General Hospital)
  43. Capt. Margaret M. Eggert (250th Station Hospital)
  44. Pfc. Charles K. McGrane (280th Station Hospital)
  45. 2d Lt. Lillian Krell Swerdlow (297th General Hospital)
  46. Capt. Henry Cymerman (307th Station Hospital)
  47. Pfc. Michael R. Freeland (307th Airborne Medical Company, 82d Airborne Division)
  48. Tec 5 Floyd C. Freeman (370th Medical Battalion, 70th Infantry Division)
  49. Tec 3 Kenneth W. Christopherson (Medical Detachment, 1st Battalion, 414th Infantry Regiment, 104th Infantry Division)
  50. S/Sgt. Duaine J. Pinkston (Medical Detachment, 1st Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82d Airborne Division)
  51. Tec 5 Patsy Passero (Medical Detachment, 3d Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82d Airborne Division)
  52. Pfc. William G. Garner (557th Medical Hospital Ship Platoon)
  53. Pfc. John D. Little (607th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company)
  54. S/Sgt. Everard R. Hicks (Medical Detachment, HQ Battery, 924th Field Artillery Battalion, 99th Infantry Division)

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